I Do… Cherish You.

It was such a treat working with this amazing couple! Kaylee and Mark chose our Colorado Rocky Mountains as the backdrop to their engagement session last week and we had a ball.  Planning ahead is the best way to ensure a successful shoot. In preparation for our day, we met last week to discuss different portrait styles, wardrobe, best time of day, and ideas for poses and props. I invited Kaylee to include personal items to make their session unique.  The weather was a bit brisk, so they wore layers, a blanket and included hot cocoa as a way to stay warm. They even brought along two of their “kids” to join the party.  Our planning continued just before we started the session.  We compared last-minute notes in a warm car while the “little boys” stayed entertained with chew toys. 

The day didn’t disappoint! Kaylee and Mark your love for each other is contagious and anyone can see how much you cherish each other.  Best wishes as you continue to plan for your wedding.  In the meantime, I suspect you will find time for lots of shared experiences that make life special:  Things like cocoa, puppies, and private moments.

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