Tiny Dancer

Little girls are so much fun to photograph.  It is even more fun when I get to play dress-up with them.  Baby Mason was a wonderful sport.  We had several wardrobe changes, different props and she powered through.  It probably helped that her mommy and daddy were close by with fun distractions. My favorite outfit included a tutu and oversized headband.  The little bit of fabric brought attention to her big eyes, dimpled fingers, bare toes, and her personality, too.  Here are some tricks that might help you to capture a lasting portrait.

  1. Make sure babies and children are well rested and not hungry.  After nap time and following a snack is best.
  2. Use wardrobe choices that are easy to change and ones that are soft and not scratchy.
  3. Choose clothing colors that have a pop of color and few patterns.
  4. Have toys or other distractions close by.
  5. Find a background that is solid or muted.
  6. Use soft filtered light.

Then, take LOTS of pictures.  You can always eliminate those with closed eyes.  Be sure to take the time to edit, too. Have fun!

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