Frequently Asked Questions- Cellular Phones

Frequently Asked Questions- Cellular Phones

As a professional photographer I am asked many of the same questions by clients and their families regardless of the type of session that takes place. During the next several posts, I thought it would be helpful to share my perspectives.

Question #1- Cellular Phones
Since cellular phones have editing apps and the cameras are incredible—There isn’t a need for a professional camera anymore, right?

First of all, I love the convenience of mobile device cameras. I use mine for quick timeline pictures for social media. It is a great way to catch those moments that come and go quickly AND it gives ALL of us the joy of turning our inner artist loose.
Many cellular phone cameras are sophisticated with several options for the type of photo you want to take. The portrait mode automatically focuses on the people while fuzzing out the background and taking selfies is easy.

There Are Draw Backs.
     1) Details are Fuzzy
A larger, professional camera makes it easier to not only take the photo, but to view the little details, taking additional shots as needed.
     2) Editing is Limited
     3) Fixed Flash
Portraits are most interesting when shadows and light are used artistically. When using an off-camera flash you can place your light anywhere- above, below, to the side or bounced off a wall. That is when the fun starts!

Here are a couple of examples of finished portraits taken with a professional set-up.









So… while cellular phones are incredible and a great addition, they are not a replacement for professional gear. At least, not yet.

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