Senior Season

Senior Season

I LOVE working with seniors in high school.  They are on the cusp of so many new opportunities and experiences.  It is so much fun to capture their unique personalities.  Their choice of venue, wardrobe and body language set the stage. I encourage clients to choose accessories that fit the different aspects of who they are.  The venue can include elements that are meaningful, or something with a pop.  They pick.

Maria and Ty are two very different individuals.  Maria is all girl and she loves fashion while Ty loves sports.  It was fun to use lighting and venue to accentuate their individual qualities.

Maria made posing easy!  What a beautiful lady.  Her confidence, striking features, and dramatic backdrop when added to soft lighting brought out her strong, yet feminine side.

Ty’s comfort with the right stance increased dramatically once he was given his baseball glove.  While definitely masculine, he has a gentle side, too.  Hopefully, these portraits capture who they are, at this particular moment in time.

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